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How much does a small kitchen renovation cost in South Australia?

Author : jessicawilson007
Publish Date : 2021-10-30 17:48:24
How much does a small kitchen renovation cost in South Australia?

Anything that involves spending money needs planning; otherwise, failure and disappointments are inevitable. That includes renovating your kitchen.

So, how much money do you need to save for your small kitchen renovation project? Unfortunately, it is hard to tell for sure because there is no standard price for everyone. Each case is unique. But you can always do your own calculations to estimate the cost.

In this article, you will learn more about kitchen renovations in South Australia and the cost. The goal is to help you budget for your project and make your investment worth your while.

Kitchen Renovation: What you Need to Know

There are so many things that can affect your kitchen renovation cost. These include

  • The size of your kitchen
  • The kind of materials you’ll need
  • The number of appliances you will need to repair, replace, or add
  • Whether you hire a professional or DIY
  • The cost of transporting the materials
  • Availability of the materials
  • Time of the year
  • Installation costs
  • The design you intend to implement etc

You will need to consider all these factors when planning your renovation project.

Remember, market prices keep fluctuating all the time, make sure your information is up to date for accurate results.

Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown

The average cost of renovating your small kitchen is $10,000 - $22,000. But it can go as high as $35,000 or even more depending on the choices you make. According to loan.com.au, it can also go as low as $5000 if it is a melamine kitchen.

The Layout and the Design

In most cases, you will not need to change the layout significantly but if you have to, prepare yourself to part with at least $ 30,000.

Layout adjustments are usually expensive because you will have to hire a registered architect for your permit. You will also have to incur an additional cost on labor and materials.

Cost of the Materials

You can divide the material costs into three parts

  • Cabinetry

If you intend to buy new cabinets, you’ll need to put aside at least $80 - $1,500, depending on your choices. Stock cabinets are the cheapest, followed by semi-stock cabinets. Custom-made cabinets cost the highest.

In general, new cabinets might take up at least 30% of your budget.

  • Benchtop Costs

Benchtops will cost you around 10% of your budget in general.

  • Detailing

Once the crucial parts are complete, you’ll need to do your final touches. These include,

Appliances: $1000 - $ 5000

Tile backlash: approximately $1800

Kitchen Lighting: approximately $1,250

Kitchen mixers: between $250 and $1,000

Cost of Labor

Labour costs consist of,

Demolition costs

Disposal costs

Installation costs

Your labour cost will vary significantly depending on the amount of work involved, the value of your materials, your neighbourhood, and so much more. It can be as low as $100 and as high as $ 3500.


Whether large, medium or even small, kitchen renovations can be very tricky. If you are not careful, they can cost even more than a new kitchen construction.

To make your investment count, first make sure you know what you want, research, and plan early enough.

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