How is a web-based inventory management system better for you?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-08 11:36:24
How is a web-based inventory management system better for you?

Managing inventory is not an easy task. It is challenging to do it with a pen and paper. A web-based inventory management system can save you from many troubles. If you are looking to update your inventory management system, then this guide is for you.

What is a Web-Based Inventory Management System (IMS)?

A web-based IMS is a business tool that enables you to track your products and their related tasks. It saves the time and energy that you put into manual tasks.

How Can an IMS Help Your Business?

An IMS can help you with every step of your business. This includes receiving products, order placement, delivery, packaging, shipment, and more. It tracks inventory processes and generates reports, which helps keep your inventory organized.

With the help of an IMS, you can make the right decisions about your business. In short, it can make your business handlings simple for you.

Pros and Cons of an inventory management system

An IMS is a quick, efficient, and modern way of managing your inventory. To learn more, let's check its pros and cons below:


  •  Automatically generates reports to give you insights into your inventory.
  •  Tracks your purchase order, received items, packaging, and more.
  •  Let you know when you need to buy more stock; this way, you can avoid excessive or short stock loss.
  •  Helps your business by keeping the supply and demand chain smooth.
  •  Increases your business profit.
  •  Allows you to give a unique identification number to all your inventory products.
  •  Enhances the efficiency of your business.


Like any other technological advancement, IMS also comes with a few disadvantages. Let's check them below:

  •  Difficult for some business owners to understand and operate.
  •  Risk of system hitches and other vulnerabilities.
  • Unlike pen and paper, can cost you a good amount of money.

Once you learn how to manage your business with an IMS, your tasks will become much easier and quicker.

Which IMS should you get?

You should get an IMS that comes with the most efficient features. We suggest you try SeeBiz Inventory, as it comes with some very unique aspects. Let's see some of the best parts SeeBiz Inventory below:

  •  Gathers all of your business contacts in one place. You can easily communicate with your contacts at any time.

  • Performs many product-related tasks such as managing online and offline orders, drop shipment, purchase orders, backorders, creating invoices, and more.
  • Keeps track of the expiration dates of all your products. That means whenever a product gets close to expiring, the system will notify you.

SeeBiz inventory management system has many other productive features, but the following two are my favorite:

  • Super easy to use. It is the best web-based inventory management system for newbies.
  • Last sold prices. Allows you to view the transaction history when selling to a frequent customer.  


Final thoughts

A web-based inventory management system can make your tasks easier. Your business will run smoothly and achieve more profit.  Sign up for SeeBiz Inventory and get free access to premium features for three months.

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