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Get a Business Credit Card With No Credit History

Author : johnpeter1435
Publish Date : 2021-04-05 06:47:58
Get a Business Credit Card With No Credit History

It is very helpful to get a credit card deliberately for your organization, but it can be a little challenge to apply for a business credit card with a history. Nearly any prosperous small company owner shows that family and personal finances must be kept apart from corporate finances.

It is necessary not to combine shopping done for the company with or for the family. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire a business credit card that is only used for the everyday activities of the corporation.

Then why is it much harder to get credit card funding for most small businesses or family business owners? The explanation is basically pretty easy. For example, if a bank is lending a credit card to you or your corporate money, then they should make sure that the money is repaid for all interest rates.

And your credit score or ranking is the only way they can properly make this decision. Many small business owners now have no business credit records. It is thus difficult for lenders in the name of your company to accept a credit card. It doesn't, though, mean that you can't get your company credit - it's only a little tougher. Follow these 4 steps to acquire a card for your company easily and start establishing an outstanding credit record for your company.

Local Bank or Credit Union

Go to the credit union or the nearest bank, where your organization has an account. Most small banks are ready to provide new companies, but without credit records, with a company credit card. If you accept the card, it is a great investment for your company to expand on and achieve a positive credit rating. After this, any card you wish for your company would be much easier to obtain.

In Case First Option Fails

You should switch to major online stores or e-commerce resellers like PayPal or Amazon if the banking or credit union doesn't operate. For example, you might apply for business credit card from a PayPal merchant account to help you handle the finances of your company. So if it is valid for you, try sending a request and see if it is accepted.

Secured Credit Card

The next and safest choice is to obtain a protected credit card, registered in the name of your company. If you've got a savings or checking account, most banks send you this card. You just deposit cash into your account. After that, the bank will give you a secured visa.

You make any order directly from the checking account. However, the card is complete and worthy of getting a normal unsecured card otherwise. As we said earlier, the bank will track your credit activity or how you manage the finance of the company.


This is critical and closely connected to the above stage 3. Ensure you submit to the credit references office under your business name every card you obtain for your company. Some credit card companies do not announce company credit card protection. And you can't build the positive credit rating you need if it's not published. This allows you to start building your company credit background.

If you are looking for a credit card in UAE without salary transfer then Mashreq bank is always there to assist you.

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