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Free & Top Job Posting in Singapore

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2022-01-04 10:33:00
Free & Top Job Posting in Singapore

These free sites give the same exposure to your job postings similar to paid listings by allowing users to browse resumes, sort potential applicants, and publish jobs on top boards--all at no cost. This can boost your ability to recruit top talent in your industry. While there are several sites to pick from, we've reduced them down using our top picks from the following six categories:

Best Overall

Best for employees on hourly contracts.

The best solution for Developers and IT

Ideal for freelancers.

Best for College Recruiting as well as Internships

Ideal to apply for Veterans and Government Jobs

Top Free Job Posting Sites

The most comprehensive free post-job sites permit you to list your jobs with no cost, as well as provide applicant monitoring, and offer other services that are available in paid tiers. Certain free sites permit only a limited number of posts within their free tier. We've posted a comparative table below to highlight those that offer unlimited job listings. Many also offer cost-effective plans as well as sponsorships (for cost) to increase the number of people who view your free job listing.

Applicant Tracking

Unlimited Job Postings

Additional Features on Paid Plans

1. Indeed: The Top Free Job Posting Site

With more than 250 million active and diverse job seekers visiting it on a monthly basis, Indeed is currently the world's top job search engine. It provides free job advertisements, applicant screening, and an applicant tracking system. Aside from that, job-seekers can apply through its mobile application.

Job postings can be made more visible by increasing their effectiveness by sponsoring job adverts ($5-$499 per day). It can help you locate the most qualified candidates, evaluate their qualifications with more than 100 tests to choose from screening applicants from one single dashboard. It is also possible to build your hiring campaign and let Indeed create a budget that is effective.

For more details, read our entire Indeed Review.

2. Ladders: Post Free Management & Executive Jobs

Ladders is a recruiting platform for positions with salaries of at least $100,000. The platform has a diverse talent pool of over 10 million curated members. Over 90 percent of applicants hold bachelor's degrees, while 45 percent have a master's degree or more. The median earnings of premium subscribers is $145,000, and 75% have at least 15 years ' experience.

With the Basic plan (free for one user) It allows you to save searches and access up to 10 job advertisements per month, with access to search options and profiles. Its paid plans, which include additional features are Lite Access ($199 per month), Full Access ($597 per month), and Enterprise (custom-priced).

Post Remote Jobs For Free

3. SimplyHired: Post Open Jobs on over 100 job boards Free

SimplyHired is an aggregator of jobs that post to its site (which employs Indeed to manage its job postings) and shares to over 100 job boards. You will receive an email whenever an applicant is accepted. If you look over the resumes and resumes of prospective applicants, you will only be paying for the candidates you decide to contact using its pay to contact model. Prices start at $9.99 for each candidate's profile.

All job posts are pre-screened by SimplyHired this means that not all types of jobs such as job sites, job postings, or hiring agencies can utilize the job posting platform.

Need help establishing an effective hiring process? Go through our guide on how to recruit employees.

4. JobSpideris a free job posting Alternative to Craigslist

JobSpider, a free job information exchange that allows job seekers to post jobs. Employers may post their jobs in search of resumes or make job alerts. In exchange for a cost, it can batch or bulk upload of jobs to your database, with no manual entering each job, based on the quantity of jobs and the frequency of bulk import. It also is compatible using applicant trackers (ATS). If it's not integrated into what you use, your provider can contact JobSpider to have it included on its list of integrations.

5. PostJobFree The ability to access a free Resume Database

PostJobFree can distribute your job advertisements across other job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. You can post your free job on its basic site and search their resume database. In reality, more than 1.5 million job opportunities are advertised on this site every week.

Through its Premium membership, you have unlimited access to resume views , as well as the candidates' complete contact information. Not all jobs are listed on the bigger job boards like ZipRecruiter but the majority of them are.

PostJobFree offers a variety of plans for you to select from:

$29/month: two jobs promoted + 30 contacts for resumes

$59 per month, 6 jobs promoted + 100 resume contacts

$99/month 15 job openings promoted and 200 resume contacts

One-time payment of $99 per month. 40 jobs promoted + 450 resume contacts

$399 per month: 11,000 resume contacts and 100 job opportunities promoted resume contacts

Job Posting Free

6. JobInventory: Post jobs by State Under Free Account

In a similar way to Indeed and SimplyHired JobInventory is similar to Indeed and SimplyHired, but it aggregates postings that are posted on different job boards. You need to sign up for an account prior to the time using its platform. After that, it uses a verification process to make sure your business is authentic to safeguard prospective job applicants from scammers. The platform can filter jobs according to state, which is useful should you be looking for local candidates or cannot offer relocation.

7. Jobvertise: See Up to 3 Free Resumes Daily

Jobvertise's purpose is to assist to find the perfect candidate through promoting and advertising your job postings. There are around 1.5 million resumes on the database, and you are able to access it by signing up for an account. It allows free job postings and free resume views on the Basic plan--with the only restriction that you get 5 days to browse the job application online.

It is able to recruit for around half a million employers. For better and quicker results you can select its plans that are paid starting with Starter ($29 per month) Standard ($59 per month), the Pro ($89 per month).

8. Jora Joriana 10 Positions Open Positions Monthly for free

Jora is a free job search engine that sources advertisement for jobs from partner job boards, and has ATS integrations, and provides publicly available career listings on company websites. You can advertise job openings on its platform at no charge, and it will provide you with access millions of job-seekers. The platform allows you to post up 10 free job adverts per month. These ads will be searchable for 30 days. Candidates are usually directed to the source of the job advertisement to fill out an application.

9. Glassdoor: Discover Professional Talent for Free

Glassdoor is a website for recruiting and jobs which also hosts online reviews about companies. Together with Indeed, you can post an opening for free. It will appear on both platforms for a brief duration. If, however, you wish to get increased exposure for your job post, you can choose to be a sponsor on Indeed since Glassdoor will primarily focus on branding for employers and providing insights.

These jobs are priced based on the basis of pay-per-click, and charges incurred only when interested prospective applicants click through to the job ads. It is all you need to do is specify your budget daily, which can vary between $5 and $399 per week. The sponsored job announcement will be advertised not only on Indeed's and Glassdoor's platforms but on the other sites that partner with Indeed as well.

With Glassdoor you are able to engage with job-seekers by showing your business and workplace culture. Additionally, it offers the knowledge-based suite of recruiting including datasheets, templates, and webinars. It does not provide features to seek out resumes and communicate to those who aren't actively looking for jobs.

Learn exactly how Glassdoor and Indeed stand up against each other for post-job advertisements, resources for recruiting including salary tools, as well as reviews on companies' websites.

Best Job Posting Sites that are Free for hourly employees

Most businesses engaged in the service industry tend to hire individuals on a time basis. In the event you're seeking people working in a cafe, restaurant or cleaning service, or retail stores, you may decide to check out one of these job boards available for free. Instead, of requiring job candidates to submit their resumes, many of these website for job listings let applicants use an online application form. They also provide an app for mobile devices to aid applicants in filling out their application.

Singapore Jobs Posting

10 Snaphunt

Snaphunt is a savvy hiring platform that helps companies find, screen & hire talent anywhere in the world. Employers are able post jobs for free on Snaphunt through a simple sign-up and get instant access to qualified candidates from a group of 1,000,000 candidates as well as an impressive 650 million profiles spread across the web while having their jobs sent to over 20 career boards.


It also allows you to enhance your job ad so that it appears above search results for jobs on the job board (and highlighted with yellow to attract attention). In addition, GigSmart will send a announcement via push to all employees within 75 miles from the location that you have posted, advising all potential applicants within the vicinity and encouraging people to submit their applications.

After a worker has been hired, GigSmart tracks your project's advancement and automatically compensates your worker with it based upon the decided-upon Gig rate. It charges a tiny service cost (as as low at 18% total amount of gig compensation) contingent on the type of worker you select to hire.

In order to save money and boost the impact of your advertising efforts, we suggest that you adhere to these posting guidelines:

Sign up - To gain access to several of the free online job posting websites It is required that you register for the account of an employer. Some job sites ask for an credit card at the time you make an application, which could mean that it's not completely free. Take note of it when signing up to make a post.

Obey the Site Rules - Free websites for job postings typically have rules that must be adhered to when posting your job openings. For example, some websites will not allow you to post jobs that require applicants to pay the fee. Others do not allow Commission-only positions (like Ladders). But, there are others that require you to state if the job requires a distance (like Indeed). Make sure you check the fine print prior to publishing your initial job.

Use specific keywords - To identify top talent, be certain to be precise when choosing job titles or keywords. Keep in mind that when you publish jobs for free then it will appear close to first when you publish it, but later on, it will fall further down in the search results. If you have to find the job you've posted after a few months, you must select a relevant job title , and use the appropriate keywords.

Advertise sparingly. Sometimes, adverts for jobs paid for result in greater number of applicants

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