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Firefighter Test Questions Tips and Advice

- By boyd
Publish Date : 2021-02-26 07:26:17
Firefighter Test Questions Tips and Advice

Becoming a firefighter may be a dream, but that dream cannot become a reality until you have passed the firefighters exam. The examination in the United States is made up of three portions; the written, the verbal and the physical.

What many candidates don't realize is that a pass isn't good enough to secure a job in one of the many fire houses in the country. In fact you need to ace the exams, you need to be the best in the class to grab the attention of one of the fire chiefs and get them to consider you for an opening in their fire house.

As you can imagine for anyone who is responsible for a fire house, choosing a new recruit is a daunting experience. They want someone who understands the regulations and expectations, they want someone that can do the job, and they need to ensure that you have the best personal characteristics to manage the challenges of the job and the physical ability when it comes to dragging a hose up flights of stairs in a smoke filled space. They need peace of mind that the person they choose is the best of the best.

This means that you need to prepare for the test. While not everything can be taught, the firefighter test questions can be practiced, you can learn essential strategies and skills to help you get over the hurdles of the test and achieve the best results.

The written test is in two main parts. The first part focuses on your math ability, your ability to understand ratios and your reading ability. The second part focuses on you and your personal characteristics. Personal characteristics cannot be learned, you need to use the knowledge and experiences you have gained in your life to help you answer these questions honestly.

It is imperative during the test that you focus on reading every section in detail. This means reading each question word by word and ensuring you understand it before you answer. Questions are usually in multiple choice formats or in a true or false format. The problem is that the questions can be worded in a way to confuse you, possibly providing you with two possible correct answers.

The best way to get through this is to read the question carefully and think of the answer before looking at the answers provided. If one of the answers matches your own or is very close to the answer you know is correct, then this is probably the one to go for.



An important tip to answering firefighter test questions is to keep your original answer. It's so easy to finish the test and then go through it again to make sure. Changing your answer is usually the biggest mistake many people make as if you are prepared the first answer is usually the correct one.

Use your time effectively. You do not have to rush through the test as you are given a set time. Break your time into sections, giving the second part of the test on personal characteristics less time than part one, which is the harder. Your personal characteristics is what you know in your heart and therefore is much easier to answer.

Ensure you read the questions at your normal reading speed. If you aren't sure of the answer, it's not a problem. Rather skip the question and carry on with the test, you can always return to problem questions once you have completed the entire firefighter test.

Finally, ensure when it comes to the firefighter test questions on personal characteristics that you answer honestly, ensuring you use your years of knowledge and experience to help you identify the best answers moving forward.

Firefighters Exam is a company focused on helping customers pass their firefighter exam. The company was established in 1996 producing exam programs throughout the United States and Canada. The company has taken strategies and tests from a number of departments throughout the country to provide a computer based software program that is brimming in valuable information, strategies, practice exam.

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