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Criterias for rental packages

Author : Zaid Haneef
Publish Date : 2021-05-08 14:47:02
Criterias for rental packages

Criterias for rental packages


The renting of PO Boxes has become an obvious choice for all those who stay out of their homes for long hours. Now the reason for you staying out can be work related, family related or study related. While you are away from your place of residence there come times when certain mails and parcels are due to be delivered. This is when the PO boxes come as a great help. 


By renting PO boxes one can easily get their mails and parcels delivered at their registered mailboxes. The mailbox provider has extremely professional employees working with them who are capable of taking proper care of your mails while maintaining confidentiality. Another benefit of PO box is the timely delivery. 


Getting a PO Box on rent helps in getting deliveries on time as whatever you order arrives first at the postal office and is then sent out for delivery to the given address. If you have the postal office address as your delivery address, it saves the time taken for doorstep delivery. 


With such benefits it is natural to assume that the charges for this service would be huge, however the real scenario is contrasting. The rent for a PO Box is decided by keeping in mind several factors. Some of the main factors that affect PO Box rentals are:

  • Location - The place of PO Box affects the prices of it to a great extent. If the PO Box has no other competitor around, then they can charge a price higher. On the contrary, if there are postal offices providing similar services then the prices are usually competitive to attract more customers. 

Whether the location is urban or rural also has an impact on the rentals. The type of customers and their income levels play a role in deciding on the PO Box rentals.

  • Size - PO Boxes are available in various sizes to suit the varied needs of customers. There exist extra small PO Boxes for those with rare mail deliveries. Small PO boxes are there that suit the students. Then comes the medium to large postal boxes that are suitable for people with frequent deliveries. Lastly, there exist extra large boxes which are common for businesses with a number of mails as well as parcel deliveries. Depending on the size of the PO box you are selecting, the rentals for the same also vary.

  • Payment Period - The rentals for a postal office box depend on the payment period. The rental schemes come in quarterly, semi-annual and annual packages. The general scenario prevalent in the market is that the longer people rent out the PO Box, the greater is the discount provided by the PO service provider.

  • Additional Fees - The postal office boxes also take some additional fees on account of services like packaging boxes, lock replacement, security, notary, etc. These are optional services, so you pay only for the services that you choose. If you are opting for all the services provided by the PO box then the additional fee charged is high.

  • Margins - Now PO Boxes started as a business opportunity. Each business is established with the motive of earning profits. This is exactly why the PO box business keeps a profit margin in the fee structure that they establish. A part of this profit is then used for improving the service quality provided by the postal office.

Culver City private PO box rentals are determined on all these bases. The rents of postal offices vary greatly amongst the industry. Each postal office provides a range of services and has a different number of employees working with them which brings about a difference in the operating cost and hence in the rental packages. 

As mentioned above there exists a package that suits the needs of almost every individual. Therefore, if you are looking for a postal office box for yourself or maybe your business, you must find the one that suits your needs and fits in with your budget.

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