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Construction Chemicals Market Industry Analysis (2019-2025)

- By univdatos
Publish Date : 2021-05-07 11:08:09
Construction Chemicals Market Industry Analysis (2019-2025)

Research report presented by UnivDatos, Emphasis on Product (Concrete Admixtures, Concrete Adhesives, Concrete Sealents, Asphalt Modifiers, Protective Coatings, Others), Application (Infrastructure, Residential and Non-residential) and Geographical analysis (key regions and countries).

As per the research report, The Global Construction Chemicals Market is anticipated to reach a market valuation of US$ 62.73 billion by 2025 expanding at a CAGR of 7.10% in the course of the forecast period (2019-2025). Construction chemicals are compounds that are mixed with concrete, asphalt, or other construction products to make infrastructural buildings more durable and workable. The type of chemical to be used is determined by the project's scale and purpose. To satisfy the complexity of modern buildings, construction chemicals are used to achieve those desirable characteristics in concrete, such as high workability, high compressive strength, and high efficiency and longevity. By bonding the crystalline structure of cement, hardeners are used to shield surfaces from moisture and make them dustproof. Organic additives used to alter the properties of building materials are known as construction chemicals. The amount of water used in any building project is reduced by these chemicals. They are critical in optimising a building's and non-building structure's overall efficiency. Concrete admixtures, building adhesives, construction sealants, protective coatings, and waterproofing chemicals are some of the chemicals that fall under this category.

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The construction industry around the world is booming. According to a PwC study titled Global Construction 2030, global construction investment will rise by 85 percent to $15.5 trillion by 2030, with three nations, China, the United States, and India, leading the way and responsible for 57 percent of all global expansion. With developed countries recovering from economic instability and developing markets beginning to industrialize, global construction growth is expected to be 3.9 percent a year by 2030, outpacing global GDP by more than one percentage point. Increased demand for residential and non-residential buildings and facilities would result from rising industrialization and urbanization. This will boost global demand for building chemicals, which is fueled primarily by emerging economies like China and India.

“In 2018, Concrete admixture product segment dominated the market and is expected to lead the market by 2025”

Concrete Admixtures, Concrete Adhesives, Concrete Sealants, Asphalt Modifiers, and Protective Coatings, and other applications are the commodity segments of the market. Concrete admixture commodity segment led the industry in 2018, with a share of 27.5 percent, and is predicted to continue to lead by 2025. Cement, sand, aggregate, and water make up concrete. Admixtures are something other than these that are applied to concrete before or after mixing to change its properties. Furthermore, the use of admixtures improves the workability of concrete by accelerating or delaying the setting cycle, lowering the water cement ratio, and so on. Adhesives used in the building industry are divided into two divisions based on their function: structural and non-structural. Structural adhesives are used to join structures that must withstand loads or pressures that could jeopardise the structure's integrity. Tracks, parking fields, airport runways, sidewalks, basketball courts, playgrounds, and bike lanes are all constructed for it. Finally, by minimising the metal's sensitivity to a corrosive atmosphere, safe coatings are an easy way to prevent corrosion. Paint is a popular protective coating, but other options include tar, pitch, bitumen, and plastics.

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“Residential segment dominated the global construction chemical application segment, accounting for 34.6% share in 2018”

The study divides the industry into three categories: infrastructure, industrial, and non-residential. In recent years, the commercial construction industry has seen exponential growth. Technological advances and a revolution in project management approaches are largely to blame for the transition. Bridges, intersections, train lines, airports, highways, water supplies and resources, and other public utility programmes are included in the infrastructure section. Construction workers who design and operate bridges, highways, and other transportation-related infrastructure face rising traffic loads, vulnerability to harsh environmental environments in operation, and demands for quicker construction and longer service life. Finally, the Residential section covers the development of single-family and multi-family residential homes. The sector is divided into single-family homes, mobile homes, duplexes, quadplexes, flats, and condominiums.

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“Asia-Pacific is regarded as the hub of construction sector owing to countries such as India and China. This has helped the region to dominate the global construction chemicals market. Asia-Pacific accounted for ~50% share in 2018”

For a greater understanding of total building chemical acceptance, comprehensive analyses were performed for North America (US, Canada), Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, and others), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia, and others), MEA (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, South Africa, and others), and South & Central America (Brazil). The Asia-Pacific infrastructure market is being driven by rising construction activity in emerging economies such as India and China, as well as increased acceptance of novel construction techniques. Social facilities, schools, hospitals, government housing, water, defence infrastructure, and water supply are among the main areas of planned expansion. Furthermore, the the use of ready-mix concrete in the area, as well as increased FDI in the real estate sector, are expected to provide numerous opportunities for the Asia-Pacific construction chemicals market to expand. The amount of new and redevelopment building operation in a given area has a strong connection with the demand for construction chemicals.

Customization Options:

The Construction Chemicals Market can be customized for different region globally and at country level as well. Besides this, UMI understands that you may have your own business need, hence we also provide fully customized solutions to clients.

Table of Contents

1            Market Introduction

2            Research Methodology and Assumptions

3            Regulatory Framework

4            Industry Performance

5            Executive Summary    

6            Market Overview        

7            Construction and Environment

8            Key Market Indicators

9            Market Insights, By Product

10          Market Insights by Application

11          Market Insights by Region

12          Competitive Scenario

13          Top Company Profiles - RPM International, Arkema, Ashland, BASF, DuPont, Fosroc, Sika, CICO, Bostik and Mapei

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