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Best Video Editor Job Description Template

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 06:36:15
Best Video Editor Job Description Template

Video editors manage the post-secondary period of producing movies or movies. They bring raw media and footage and edit them to form videos which are totally prepared for viewing. This work could be laborious, since it entails organizing and selecting footage, sourcing extra media like music, performing colour grading and cleaning up music, and working together with supervisors for hours at a time, often while attempting to fulfill deadlines that are lively. They generally spend a lot of their time before a pc in editing suites and might work whole time or freelancer, with potential overtime for pressing jobs.


While the specific responsibilities of movie editors change based on their enterprise and industry, the overall responsibilities of the role are rather consistent. According to our investigation of job listings, these comprise:


Edit and Contain Footage

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The main duty of movie editors would be to transform raw video footage into a final product. Together with the narrative in your mind, they pick what footage to maintain and build it into a fluid arrangement, changing the camera angles and trimming as required. They also perform colour grading to increase video quality.


Video editors frequently need to source extra assets for the movie, such as visual and audio outcomes. They can help with the record of voiceovers, collaborate with audio engineers to make sound effects, or study appropriate music monitors, finally integrating these into particular scenes of the movie.


Produce Graphics


Concerning visuals, a movie necessitates not just footage but also images, like random components, text and subtitles, animations, or movement images. It is up to video editors to make such images in addition to closely associated promotional materials, for example movie thumbnails, having an eye on reusability for future endeavors.


The movie editor plays a very important role in developing a movie and shaping its innovative aesthetic. While they generally have the liberty to make crucial decisions according to a script or brief, they need to consult frequently with managers, manufacturers, and authors to explain requirements, get comments, and make adjustments throughout the whole post-production procedure.


The last step in movie editing jobs is exporting the final video for supply. To appeal to a broad selection of viewers, video editors take into consideration different types of programs and encode videos in a number of formats and specifications. Additionally, they help with archiving and documentation by logging metadata and compressing videos .


They possess the technical experience to utilize design and video applications easily, and they function nicely in high ranking environments. Normally, businesses hire video editors using a bachelor's degree in multimedia or film along with the following abilities:


Creativity -- movie editors are excellent storytellers who completely understand a movie's imaginative idea and utilize raw footage and sound to make something which matches this vision

Eye for attractive visuals -- at minimal, video editors have to have the ability to discern what is visually attractive, particularly when performing colour grading or arranging scene sequences. They generally have basic proficiency with animation and design

Truth -- movie editing is a very delicate task that needs an exact sense of time and attention to detail when arenas would be to flow fluidly and evoke the ideal emotion from audiences

Collaboration -- a movie editor collaborates heavily with various members of their group, such as scriptwriters and videographers, in addition to external stakeholders, so excellent communication skills and willingness to criticism are crucial

Time direction -- the short circuit stage is time consuming even for small videos, and in addition to this, video editors might need to make several alterations. They Need to Have the Ability to focus for long Intervals and manage multiple projects simultaneously

Tools of the Trade

To achieve their daily Objectives, video editors Use the following tools:


On the other hand, the most crucial element in turning into a video editor would be a demonstration reel or a considerable portfolio of previous projects, because these show that applicants have technical experience. Based upon the problem of this job, companies look for a minumum of one year of experience, and also people in a junior standing get on-the-job coaching under a seasoned video editor.

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Those in the bottom 10 percent of the scope earn less than $26,000, while people in the maximum 10 percent earn over $163,000.


As video programs grow and more businesses release video content in their sites and societal media, the requirement for movie editors will rise.


As a film/video editor, you are going to manage material like camera footage, dialog, sound effects, images and special effects to make a last movie or video merchandise. This is an integral function in the post-production procedure and your abilities can establish the quality and delivery of the final outcome. You will normally work closely with the manager to attain the desirable end result.


Employment will be on an independent basis, and you'll probably focus on short-term contracts for post-production studios, television businesses and corporate companies.


Digital technology, expert computer applications and high quality digitisation of audio and graphics have effectively replaced the standard manual way of cutting picture. On occasion, you could be given creative freedom, while others you will only be asked to run the essential machines.


Kinds of film/video editor

You will work on a Number of productions, such as:



corporate coaching videos

feature movies

music movies

television programs.


Your job as an editor will entail:


Getting a short, and perhaps a summary of footage or a shot record, script, or screenplay

collecting all raw footage, even together with camera shots either transferred or recorded onto video tape in preparation for entering to the computer

entering uncut rushes and audio, and synchronising and saving them into documents on the pc

digitally cutting documents to gather the arrangement of the movie and deciding what is usable

making a'rough cut' (or assembly edit) of this programme/film and determining the precise cutting for the following and final phases

reordering and fine-tuning the material to guarantee the logical sequencing and smooth functioning of their film/video.

Additional jobs may include:

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Overseeing the quality and advancement of sound and video editing and engineering

experimenting with techniques and styles such as the design of picture elements

composing voiceover/commentary

indicating or choosing audio

online editing - based upon your character you could also implements technical facets like fixing flawed footage, grading and colouring and adding special effects.


Beginning salary for assistant editors used by a tv or post-production studio are in the area of 18,000 to 25,000.

With expertise as a movie or movie editor, you can get #21,000 to 35,000.

At a senior level, your earnings may possibly hit #37,000 to 70,000, however, the higher end of the scale is only available to older editors working on big-budget jobs.

A film/video editor isn't an entry-level occupation and it is normally required to begin in a lower-paid degree, maybe as a runner, even where wages might be around the federal minimum wage. You will then advance to assistant editor at which you could expect to make more, before attaining the entire editor position.


Nearly all editors work as salespeople and are compensated on a contract basis. Should you get work via an agency, then they will negotiate prices and take a commission or flat fee.


Working hours

You could be able to perform regular office hours for several companies, however a 50-hour working week is probably if you are working on television or feature film jobs.


Things to expect

Freelancing entails periods of intensive labour, but there could be instances of inactivity between jobs, which you may use to follow up on possible work. You will frequently have to compete for work along with other freelance editors and also you could possibly be involved with various productions of different sizes at any particular time.

Function is usually conducted independently or with a manager. On a big project you will utilize a sound effects editor, audio editor and editor editors. The function might be pressured, as an instance, when working intensively to rigorous deadlines or on restricted studio time.

You will spend the majority of your time in editing suites, that are generally modest but comfortable surroundings. A good deal of time is spent on computers. As a freelancer, then it is likely to work from home when you own your own gear.

While nearly all tv and movie screening work in the united kingdom is London-based, post-production and amenities homes and independent manufacturing companies are seen in most towns.

You might need to travel to various editing suites, however it is unlikely that this will involve working from home. There can be opportunities overseas as soon as you're a seasoned and recognized editor.


You do not require a foundation degree, HND or degree for a movie or movie editor, but it is crucial that you demonstrate commitment and decision to get in the business.

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You have to have the ability to show that you have the essential abilities, and therefore a degree or HND that delivers movie or media creation experience might be beneficial. These topics are applicable:


Courses which cover these programs are offered at varying degrees but they may be pricey, so ensure that you research them entirely to obtain a course that fits with your career and coaching goals.


Having expertise of the most latest technology might help you stick out from the contest.


A postgraduate qualification is not essential however you will find applicable classes available that will supply you with additional abilities and might provide you an edge over other candidates. Look for postgraduate classes in media creation.



You will need to show:

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A keen eye for detail along with a vital mind

imagination and a fervent interest in video and film editing

patience and immersion

the capacity to listen to others and to function well within a staff

a high amount of self-motivation, devotion and dedication

organisational and time management abilities

the capability to operate under pressure and to deadlines

communication abilities, both oral and wri

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