Best Network Administrator Job Description Template

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Best Network Administrator Job Description Template

A system administrator's precise responsibilities can Count on the industry, however a few common responsibilities include:


Provide technical supervision of a multi-site enterprise level WAN, such as preparation, implementation/expansion, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Train and maintain documentation of network configurations and cabling designs.

Recommend updates, patches, and new software and equipment.

Train staff members on new hardware or software.

Assess and track server security and execute patches and fixes to deal with possible security holes.

Supply hardware and operating system service for your corporate and area computer systems surroundings, UNIX, Linux, Windows, and storage.

Network administrators' wages can count on the region where they focus. Overall, the median incomes for many types in 2018 were

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Instruction, Certification & Training

People searching for a career as a network administrator should ideally possess a college degree and be certified.


Instruction: Though you may have the ability to have a job with just a postsecondary certificate or associate degree, most companies want to hire job applicants who possess a bachelor's degree in computer system and network management or computer engineering. You may also have the ability to have work in this area when you've got a diploma in electrical or computer engineering.

Certification: individuals working in this job frequently have certificates from software vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, or CompTia. This demonstrates to employers that you have experience in a specific item.

Even though the technical abilities you are able to procure through formal training and certificates are crucial for work, community management also needs particular soft skills and personal qualities.


Problem-solving abilities: Powerful problem-solving abilities allow you to identify issues in a company's computer system.

Critical thinking abilities: Great critical thinking abilities will permit you to weigh all probable choices and determine which will be most helpful answers to your problem.

Listening and speaking abilities: These abilities can allow you to communicate with your coworkers.

Reading comprehension skills: you are going to need great reading comprehension skills to comprehend written documentation.

This profession is predicted to rise by about 6 percent from 2016 through 2026, which can be on the low end of average for all jobs. As companies continue to require quicker and more up-to-date technologies, fantastic network administrators should remain in demand. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor data warns that this requirement could be leveraged with a growing number of businesses going to cloud computing.


Work Environment

Network administrators may operate in various industries, from banking and financial companies to government offices and offices.


This work typically requires staying seated for extended stretches of time, but there is nonetheless a lot of interaction with other people working in additional service and management functions.


Work Schedule

This is fundamentally a fulltime profession. Networks must be ready to go round the clock, and this may require overtime. About 20 percent of network administrators operate at least a few hours of overtime per week, supplying on-call and weekend assistance when required.


Job short


We're searching for a Network Administrator to maintain a dependable, efficient and secure data communications system. The perfect candidate will have the ability to install, configure, maintain and track all active network gear so as to ensure smooth system operation.

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Entirely support, configure, maintain and update corporate client's networks and in house servers

Install and incorporate new server applications and software

Keep an eye out for desired upgrades

Support and manage third party software

guarantee network security and connectivity

Monitor network performance (accessibility, usage, throughput, goodput, and latency) and check to flaws

Setup user accounts, permissions and passwords

Resolve problems reported by end user

Define network policies and processes

Establish system requirements and design alternatives

Research and make recommendations on server system management



Proven Expertise in a community administrator function

Hands on expertise in media, routing and switching

Outstanding Understanding of best practices about control, management, and monitoring of host infrastructure

Experience with firewalls, Internet VPN's distant execution, troubleshooting, and problem solving is wanted

Skill to set up and configure server hardware

Familiarity with backup and retrieval software and methodologies

Great at organising, prioritising and multitasking

Juniper, Cisco, CWNA or BCNE training

BSc degree in Computer Science or related discipline


Our business wants to employ a Network Administrator who will be responsible for handling the daily operations of their computer networks. You'll be responsible for overseeing electronic security and doing maintenance to make certain the machine is functioning at full capacity. You'll also be tasked with installing hardware and software when required.

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An Associate's degree in IT or Computer Science is necessary for you to be regarded as a candidate. To be successful within this role, a solid comprehension of network infrastructure and also the capability to manage and troubleshoot system devices are wanted.


Network Administrator Responsibilities:

Evaluate a business or organization's computer and network system requirements.

Make repairs and upgrades as needed.

Oversee digital safety.

Perform care that all programs are working.

Gather and examine data to maximize performance.

Onboard users into the community.

Troubleshoot Issues with the system.

Strong comprehension of computer system infrastructure.

Capability to execute, administer, and troubleshoot network infrastructure devices.

Understanding of program transportation and community infrastructure protocols.

Capability to create network diagrams and documentation such as planning and design network communication methods.

Ability to rapidly learn products and technologies utilizing documentation and internet sources.

Capability to use all levels of IT employees inside and outside the company.

Capability to consider issues and picture solutions.

Great analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Reputable and flexible when required.

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