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Best Free Job Posting Sites in US: Top USA Job Sites

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-07-05 12:06:37
Best Free Job Posting Sites in US: Top USA Job Sites

How to Post Remote Jobs in USA? Best Job Posting Sites in United States

Free posting sites and free job boards allow employers to post jobs for free to create a win-win environment.  Often times the job board is going to make money on up sales, ads, and data.  The more jobs on their free job board, the better the traffic can be from search engines.  Often times there will be limits to the duration of the free job postings, but free is free, right?  Even if a job posting is free for 7 days, it’s much better than the premium fees you may pay on other sites.

You always get what you pay for unless you know how to optimize the experience.  We’ve seen many employers using the ‘post and pray’ approach all wrong.  However, many of our best clients know how to leverage the system, understand job board algorithms, and make the most for their recruiting strategy.  Here are some of the best times and strategies to making the most of free job posting sites.


Free Job Posting Sites in United States:


This posting automation gets your jobs to a handful of free career sites for you.  And…it’s free!  You’ll see a theme that all these recommendations are for free job boards.


A favorite place to post jobs for VIVAHR’s customers.  It is free.  It is easy.  It is a tremendous place to tell your company story and capture candidates who believe in what you are doing and want to be part of your team.


Growing job board in Phoenix.  Has expanded to have a national reputation and strong organic results.  Posting your job on their platform allows you to embed company culture photos, videos and content to tell your hiring story.


Snaphunt gives you instant access to targeted remote talent across geographies, along with cutting edge tools to remotely assess your candidates, collaborate with your team and manage your recruitment process all the way till hire. Snaphunt’s partners can also seamlessly employ your remote hires and manage your local payroll & compliance in over 100 countries, without the need for you to set up any legal entity so you can build global teams with ease.

This free ATS gets you unlimited job posting that organically posts to free job boards and bring all the candidates back to one centralized place to track, take notes and collaborate on every candidate.  100% free.

  • Unlimited job postings
  • Centralize your resumes
  • Collaborate with team members on hiring progress
  • Email & Text candidates from the platform
  • Integrate a careers page in your website in less than 4 minutes

Post Jobs For Free in US

How to Post Jobs For Free in 2021

Building your job description

Often times when employers get ready to post their jobs online, they will do a quick google search for ‘job description templates’ and copy/paste what someone else has pre-written.  Not a bad strategy, but certainly not good.  Many of the job boards have a feature built into their job posting search results to de-dupe.  This looks for similar postings that may be considered duplicate job postings.  If your template was easy to find, you copied it over and only changed the name of the company, location and compensation, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting found.  Much of recruitment marketing is understanding out job boards work.

To build the best job description, we recommend having four major components

  • Company Overview – this section is talking about who the company is, why they do what they do.  Give the candidate a real understanding of what your company’s sandbox really looks like.
  • Expectations – Paint a very clear picture of what a day and a life of work will look like.  By connecting with a candidate to give them a sense of what their day will consist of, emotionally connects and gets them more engaged in the opportunity.   In this section, more is always better than less.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – There is a direct correlation between bullet points in job descriptions and how well they rank on job boards.  The biggest job boards have an algorithm that looks for bullet points.  Make sure you create lists and utilize six or more.
  • Compensation – Most companies really overlook compensation.  This is a place to shine.  It’s not about just the salary or the hourly rate for the employee, it’s more than that.  Millennials have demonstrated time and again they care more about culture than compensation.  So give them more than “DOE” or “Will discuss upon interview.”  Tell a story about what you as a company are committed to compensating them with.  Leadership training, industry knowledge, licensing, free lunch, incentive bonuses…etc.  The list goes one.  Take the time to talk about more than just dollars.


Based in Riverwoods, Il, Employers can search resumes and post jobs for free. Jobseekers can also post their resume and create job alerts at no cost.


A social network that also has job postings for the blue-collar industry


Having posted thousands of jobs across many international job boards, Jora is simply the easiest.  Their software is able to display the job information in a format easy for search engines to display in search results.


This is a free job posting site powered by find.jobs.  They seem to be part of a bigger network of job posting technologies.


Founded in 2007, promotes itself as the safest place to search for jobs with their hand-screen process for security.  Flexjobs was founded by Sara Sutton and her platform is focused on being the top job posting site for flexible jobs which is stimulating the ‘gig economy.’


One of the original free job boards, it has strong authority for organic search.  Not a name brand destination for job seekers, but their listing will rank well in the search engines.


Classifieds for jobs.  If you don’t like Craigslist, you won’t like this one.  If you love Craigslist jobs, you’ll be satisfied here.


Traditionally a place to post Gig jobs.  With the Gig economy taking shape, this needs to be on your list to recruit temporary contract positions.


This is a paid job board, but does allow for a free job posting for 7 days.  Might be worth it to get a few free applicants.


For our tech friends looking for a free technology job board.


This is good if you already have an ATS or a jobs feed.  Their system will import your jobs regularly.

Post Jobs in USA


Similar to Upwork, this is good for gig and temp jobs.  Not a place for your FT/PT positions.


Nice job board for the technology industry.  Very loyal audience and offers a free tier.  If you’re hiring for a lot of technology related positions over an extended period of time, this would be a nice competitor to your spend on Dice.


Employment exchange platform built to be similar to a classifieds section.  Not the strongest SEO value, but may be good in smaller less competitive markets.

Career Cast

This is a niche job board network in many of the top industries.  Visit their website and find the best industry board to represent what you’re hiring for.  Not all the industry job boards are free, but a few of them are.  Worth the time.


Should have been hire on this list, however, many of our clients are getting frustrated at the increasingly high amount of jobs required to be a pay for play.  It is the number one job search engine.  Can not be ignored and you need to post your jobs here.  Even the paid options is still a bargain.


Global search engine.  Very powerful place to get your jobs visible.


International free job board with a powerful index.  Nearly 50M jobs posted in their network at any given time.

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