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Best Copy Editor Job Description Template

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 05:46:51
Best Copy Editor Job Description Template

hey work on books of all kinds, including novels, papers and magazines.


They can:


Assess text to make sure it's well written and logically structured

appropriate grammar and spelling

make sure the text is in line with the writer's'house style'

check details and raise queries with the writer

search out for possible legal issues and share them with the writer

check examples and captions are right.

Copy editors on papers and magazines, that are often called sub-editors, can additionally incorporate headlines and introductory paragraphs to posts.


Employed copy editors work regular office hours, but might want to work more hours print times strategy. The job is desk-based. Freelancers frequently work at home.


Freelance copy editors pay their own charges. Salaries for used staff range from approximately #16,000 to 60,000 annually.

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Copy editors should possess:


Copy editors work at publishing companies, papers and magazines. Many copy editors are self explanatory.


As an instance, it might be possible to join a publishing company as an editorial assistant and advancement to copy editing. Sub-editors in papers and magazines frequently start off as overall reporters. There are no set qualifications, but a lot of copy editors possess a level, frequently in a related topic, for example English, publishing, journalism or media. A lower-level diploma can allow graduates to operate in professional technical publishing.


Copy editors can advance to more mature publishing jobs, commissioning and managing books. In papers, advancement will be to main sub-editor or manufacturing editor.


What's the job like?

They can work on a Variety of books, including:


Publications - literary and factual

trade, academic or technical journals

papers and magazines

business books

sites and other online articles.

The job includes:

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Checking text to make sure it's well written, logically ordered and in the ideal style for your intended audience

correcting grammar and spelling

ensuring that the text is in line with the writer's'house style' - for instance, that hyphens, capital letters and discretionary spellings are used consistently

checking data

raising questions with the writer

being alert to any possible legal trouble in the text, including libellous statements or breach of copyright, and discussing them with the writer

checking illustrations and captions are right.

Copy editors are rarely expected to unveil work entirely. Instead, they plan to maintain the manner of the writer and book.


In Addition to the tasks previously, they can additionally:


Write headlines for every article

compose'standfirsts' - introductory paragraphs that sum up a story and draw the reader in

edit tales to match a set sentence count

put stories out into a set page layout.

Copy editors frequently work on display, using IT publishing systems, but they might also work with newspaper manuscripts.


Freelance copy editors often work independently, but they might have to liaise closely with writers, typesetters, printers and publishers. Newspaper and magazine sub-editors use newsroom and manufacturing coworkers.


The function is frequently combined with proofreading.


Salaries for used copy editors can start at about #16,000 annually.


But, they might be asked to work long hours to meet deadlines. The stream of work could be irregular. Part-time work is not uncommon.


Employed copy editors work regular office hours, but may want to work more hours print times strategy.


Sub-editors' hours count on the book. They're busiest before the book is supposed to go to print, and this may be on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.


The job is desk-based, typically working on display. Freelance copy editors frequently work at home.

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Freelance copy editors pay their own charges.


Salaries for used copy editors can start at approximately #16,000.

With expertise, wages may rise to approximately #25,000.

Chief sub-editors on a nationwide book may earn around #60,000 annually.

Excellent written English, including great spelling and grammar

a meticulous approach to their job and an eye for detail

the capability to maintain high quality work while meeting tight deadlines

an inquisitive mind

good focus, to concentrate on texts which might be extended or dull

conclusion in applying home design

a tactful approach when dealing with writers

the capability to retain the writer's'voice' following editing.


It will help to have


A love of and sense for speech

specialist interests which may become areas of work - such as engineering, health or finance.

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Proofread text and appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes

Verify factual correctness of information, like dates and data

Assess text for design, readability, and adherence to editorial policies

Organize page designs of photographs, content, and advertising

Rewrite text to improve clarity and readability

While there are fundamental principles of grammar which remain fixed, a copy editor, together with journalists and authors, should understand AP Style, that is a use guide given from the Associated Press--that the nation's largest newswire service. Most papers (and lots of magazines) have embraced AP style. Since this a"style" manual, it is not providing overarching principles of grammar but, instead, particular principles that have to do with everything in the serial comma to if you compose out a number in letters rather than listing it in numerical form.


Additionally, whilst AP design is the norm, particularly among news outlets, you will find other design guides.


A copy editor's salary fluctuates widely, depending on the sum of expertise, the project's geographical location, the sort of book, along with other aspects.


There's not any formal training needed for a copy editor, but in general, individuals with those tasks have a love of language and a very firm grasp of English use, in addition to a passion for detail and a sharp eye.


College level: Even though a degree isn't essential, employers generally prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, English, or instruction.

Connected experience: Employers can search for expertise with different kinds of networking, like television, papers, or societal websites.

Testing: Just about every single copy editing project requires applicants to pass reproduce editing evaluations, which involve going within a sample narrative and correcting mistakes. These evaluations, like writing evaluations (which many editors and journalists must accept ), are standard throughout the industry.

Duties: In case you are looking to go into the area without preceding copy editing expertise, applicable studies--a backup editing certificate, for instance --an help you get your foot in your doorway.

Copy Editor Licensed & Competencies


It is not sufficient to have a sharp eye, writing expertise, and decent grammar knowledge.

Creativity: Copy editors have to be inquisitive, creative, and knowledgeable about a wide assortment of topics.

Good conclusion: For non-fiction bits, copy editors need to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to document on a narrative, and possess a solid grasp of the integrity of certain stories.

Detail-orientation: A main task of the task is to create written work error-free, and also to make sure that it matches the book's required fashion.

Writing abilities: Copy editors need to have the ability to write clearly and with great logic, and make sure that content has proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

The industry of your attention may depend on if you're looking for the best employment opportunities or the maximum pay. The paper and publishing industries are obviously at which you'll find the maximum variety of copy editors tasks out there.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the prognosis for copy editors during the next decade relative to other jobs and industries is feeble, driven by the pressures print press faces out of online books. Even though some expansion will occur for developers of online networking, the amount of accessible jobs is declining.


Employment is forecast to rise by about 1 percent during the next 10 decades, which can be slower expansion compared to the average for all occupations between 2016 and 2026. Growing for different communication and media workers is projected to rise slightly faster, at 6 percent during the next 10 decades.


Editors who've learned to accommodate to online media operate and operate smoothly with using digital and digital tools will find they have an edge when searching for tasks.


While many copy editors work in office buildings, more of these have started working from virtual places.

At work, copy editors might find themselves overseeing multiple writing jobs, which may, in some instances, lead to exhaustion and anxiety. Copy editors who are self explanatory face the additional task of looking for new job when completing current jobs.


Work Program


Duplicate editors typically work 40 hours each week, and also their daily schedules revolve round production deadlines along with the responsibilities of the particular position. The surroundings is often occupied, with deadline stress and anxiety linked to ensuring all printed information is true. When working towards a deadline, lots of copy editors need to put in more hoursand according to the BLS, in 2016, one from five replicate editors stated they work over 40 hours each week.


We're seeking a motivated and informed copy editor to manage our content editing demands in a fast-paced job atmosphere. You may work with a group of designers and writers to curate compelling and precise content for our company.

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To excel in this role, you'll have expertise in developing and editing articles, in addition to outstanding communication and organizational abilities.



Evaluation and update content for precision and quality, including spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax.

Communicate and use manufacturing team to make certain that content is printed in a timely way.

Ensure proper tone, voice, clarity, flow and arrangement of

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