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Best Accounts Receivable Accountant Job Description Template

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-06-02 09:24:06
Best Accounts Receivable Accountant Job Description Template

Accounts receivable professionals create revenue for businesses by ensuring that customers are correctly charged for services or goods. They operate together with different departments to make certain that the appropriate amounts are accumulated in a timely fashion, confirm and document trades, resolve accounts receivable, and carry out other tasks to fasten client payments.

We're searching for an analytical accounts receivable specialist to help our accounting division since it receives, processes, and gathers products sold or services rendered. Within this function, you'll have to review account data, correct disagreements, and make sure that accounts are correctly charged and payments are accumulated.

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To succeed as an accounts receivable pro, you ought to be a proficient and comprehensive researcher with excellent communication and record-keeping abilities. You ought to be detail-oriented, organized, and self-motivated with strong mathematics and computer skills.


Accounts Receivable Responsibilities:

Processing, checking, and submitting receipts for products sold or services rendered.

Assessing and resolving accounts postings.

Processing and documenting trades.

Maintaining records concerning payments and accounts statuses.

Obtaining data from different sections to ensure documents are accurate and complete and accounts receivable ledgers and journals are all up-to-date.

Dealing with the collections section to assess accounts, customer payments, credit history, and create new or better repayment terms.

Performing administrative and clerical activities, like data entry, preparing bills, sending invoice reminders, submitting paperwork, and contacting clients to discuss their reports.

Generating statements and reports for internal use.

Engaging in continuing educational opportunities to upgrade project knowledge.

Three or more years experience in a similar function.

Strong mathematics, typing, and computer skills, particularly with bookkeeping program.

Superb communication, study, problem-solving, and time management abilities.

High degree of precision, efficiency, and responsibility.

Care to detail.

Ability to construct relationships with customers and internal departments.

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Accounts receivable may be the lifeblood of any company. To attract and keep the best professionals to your accounts receivable department, you have to create a good job description. The very best accounts receivable job postings discuss the qualifications and expectations for the position at a concise, yet thorough manner. You will want to supply some insight into your business culture and the way the possible hire will lead on an everyday basis. Begin with imagining your perfect employee and use that as a guide in crafting the work description. The better you describe the duties, the more likely you should obtain a fantastic match for the function.


What Exactly Does Accounts Receivable Do?

Most firms operate by allowing some of earnings to be on credit. Sometimes, companies offer you this kind of charge to ordinary or exclusive customers that are invoiced occasionally. In other circumstances, companies routinely provide all customers the chance to pay after getting the support. Other people cover instantly upon receipt of support. In all situations, the accounts receivable section is there to track and handle accounts and follow up with almost any client who hasn't paid as agreed. These financial specialists offer administrative and technical support to make sure that novels are always accurate and current so that management may make successful business decisions.


In [CompanyX]we rely upon a meticulous fiscal system to drive business forward. Our account receivable department retains that system operating smoothly by handling money influx, and collecting payment from customers. We are looking for a skilled financial pro to join our account receivable staff to assist process, monitor, and document payments in an accurate, efficient, and timely way. The accounts receivable expert will have a daily and continuing effect on financial transactions, keeping us on course, on time, and also on good terms with all our valued partners.

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Aims of the Role

Support the business in optimizing our fiscal transactions and systems by executing reconciliation of payments and client balances

Communicate discrepancies to management group, identify slow-paying clients, and urge collection candidates

Strengthen and develop relationships with customers by communicating with clients seeing past-due accounts

help in streamlining and enhancing the accounts receivable process identifying areas of performance development

Exercise ethics and confidentiality in financial reporting, and also comply with national, state, and local fiscal needs

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

Collect and verify invoices for proper documentation before repayment

Keep accounts paychecks to guarantee aging is current, collections and credits are employed, uncollectible amounts are accounted for, and assorted gaps are removed

Perform daily money management responsibilities, including the listing of bank deposits, upgrading and distribution of money receipt logs, and submitting of money to the account receivable sub-ledger

Monitor and gather accounts receivable by calling customers via phone, email, and email

Prepare analytic and ratio analysis in regard to A/R for direction to acquire a better comprehension of how collection efforts are progressing

Support additional accounting and finance staff associates, stock management, and cost accounting

Skills and Qualification

High school diploma or equivalent

Knowing basic principles of finance, accounting, and accounting

Outstanding time direction and detail

Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook) and Google drive

Skill to maintain business and spouse confidences

Proficient at Quickbooks Online and among typically utilize accounting ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, NetSuite etc..

Preferred Qualifications

A member level

Powerful mathematical abilities

Ahead experience in accounts payable (or accounts receivable)

Expertise in driving process improvement

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Secures earnings by checking and submitting receipts; resolving disagreements.


Posts client obligations by documenting cash, checks, and credit card transactions.

Posts earnings by entering and checking trades form lock box along with neighborhood deposits.

Upgrades Followed by totaling unpaid invoices.

Verifies validity of account postings by accessing and exploring data from earnings, trade promotions, customer support departments, and out of clients;

Resolves legitimate or approved deductions by inputting adjusting entries.

Resolves qualified or unauthorized deductions by subsequent pending deductions processes.

Resolves ranges by analyzing client payment plans, payment history, credit line; coordinating contact collections section.

Summarizes receivables by keeping bill accounts; coordinating yearly transport to accounts receivable accounts; verifying totals; preparing report.

Accomplishes bookkeeping and organization mission by completing related results as required.


Gain a complete comprehension of the accounts receivable function. The total function and extent of an account receivable clerk would be to process and handle payments obtained and to give related bookkeeping and administrative assistance.


This well-structured project description can readily be adapted for your use.

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To offer fiscal, clerical and administrative solutions to ensure effective, timely and accurate payment of balances under her or his management.


Maintain up-to-date charging system

create and send out bills

follow on, accumulate and allocate payments

execute charging, collection and reporting actions based on specific deadlines

perform account reconciliations

track client accounts information for non-payments, delayed payments and other irregularities

study and solve payment postings

create age evaluation

review AR aging to Guarantee compliance

keep accounts receivable customer documents and documents

follow established methods for processing receipts, money etc

process credit card payments

prepare bank deposits

research and resolve customer inquiries

process alterations

create a restoration system and commence collection attempts

communicate with clients via telephone, email, email or even

help with month-end final

collect information and prepare monthly metrics

Education and Expertise


Understanding of accounts receivable

understanding of office management and processes

comprehension of general accounting procedures

comprehension of general accounting principals

adept in applicable computer applications

understanding of regulatory standards and compliance demands

1-3 years accounts receivable and general bookkeeping expertise

Essential Abilities and Competencies


Focus on detail and precision

great verbal and written communication abilities

organizational abilities

data management

problem analysis and problem solving abilities

team associate

strain tolerance

sense of urgency


customer support abilities

This project description clearly spells out the responsibilities and expectations of their account receivable clerk or AR specialist. Customize it to your personal use.


The vital job of an employee who functions as a Accounts Receivable would be to make sure their firm receives payments for products and services, and documents these trades accordingly. An Accounts Receivable project description will consist of securing earnings by checking and submitting receipts, and resolving any disagreements.


This job requires the candidate to become organized and possess a keen eye for detail to identify any problems that might emerge.


Accounts Receivable responsibilities and responsibilities of this job


An average Accounts Receivable project description must include, but not be Limited to:


Keeping up the charging system

Generating bills and account statements

Acting account reconciliations

Maintaining accounts receivable documents and documents

Producing monthly financial and management accounts

Investigating and resolving any irregularities or enquiries

Assisting in overall financial management and investigation

Expertise in bookkeeping is needed for an Accounts Receivable function, however a Bachelor's degree is not a requirement. But a

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