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Best Accounts Payable Accountant Job Description Template

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-06-02 09:00:01
Best Accounts Payable Accountant Job Description Template

What's Accounts Payable?

The function of the Accounts Payable entails providing fiscal, administrative and clerical support to your business enterprise. Their function is to complete control and payments costs by getting payments, also processing, verifying and reconciling invoices. An average Accounts Payable job description also emphasizes the daily management of payment cycle tasks in a timely and effective way.

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What should be contained within an Accounts Payable job description?

If You're hiring an Accounts Payable professional, the project description may comprise:


Keeping tabs on payments and expenses, such as payroll, purchase orders, statements, invoices, etc..

Reconciling processed work by verifying entries and comparing system reports to accounts

Maintaining historic records

Paying workers by verifying expense reports and preparing paychecks

Paying vendors by scheduling paychecks and ensuring payment has been received for outstanding charge; normally responding to all seller enquiries regarding fund

Preparing diagnoses of accounts and generating monthly reports

Continuing to enhance the payment procedure

What abilities and credentials needs to a Accounts Payable have?

Whilst a degree isn't required for an Accounts Payable function, an comprehension of basic accounting and bookkeeping abilities is necessary. A degree in these subjects could be beneficial for an Accounts Payable profession:

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Employees will be interacting with companies and sellers daily, therefore it's imperative they're always capable to interact in a professional way.


Simply stated, accounts payable is the expression used to refer to the amounts owed by an organization for its own creditors. More technically put, accounts payable pays third parties or employees by preparing and scheduling checks, resolving buy orders, insuring credit is obtained for outstanding debts, and devoting stop-payments or purchase order alterations. Accounts payable, frequently abbreviated"A/P," additionally monitors budget costs.


How can it be tracked?

Outstanding balances can sink even the biggest companies - that is the reason why it's essential for accounts receivable to be modulated by a financial expert with expertise in A/P. Ideally, this fiscal pro (from inside or outside the business ) is qualified and capable of assessing a company's cash flow. To be prosperous within this role, an A/P Expert maintains meticulous records of outstanding payables. Successful monitoring practices must be put into place to ensure payments are made to vendors in a timely fashion, while also protecting companies against accidental overpayment.


Weekly report tracking, payment supervision, and organized statements permit the very best Accounts Payable professionals to assist companies prevent hidden costs, interest rates, and late penalties -- while providing an accurate notion of real cash flow.

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Your desktop Might Have to contain:


High school diploma

0-2 Decades of experience in the field or in a related discipline

Familiarity with accounting applications and applications

Fundamental Comprehension of fundamentals of finance, accounting and accounting


Accountants provide financial information regarding the company to management. Applicants must employ accounting principles and manage work that's analytical, evaluative, and advisory in character and which needs an understanding of the accounting theory and practice.


Calculate, article business transactions, process invoices, confirm financial information for use in maintaining accounts receivable documents, and supply additional clerical support necessary to cover the duties of the company

Clarify any suspicious invoice items, costs or getting records

Obtain Appropriate Info and/or information regarding bill obligations

Collect invoices to be finished for repayment

Confirm and compute all extensions and Fees on statements (calculating and accepting reductions when applicable),

Inspection statements and requisitions for decent payment consent

Assess seller files for any prior obligations and assign voucher amounts

Save copies of vouchers, invoices or correspondence required for documents

Prepare vouchers list invoice amount, date, vendor address, item description, numbers and coding each accounting policies and processes

Form periodic reports and other documents

Reconcile bank statements


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Perform bookkeeping and clerical duties associated with the efficient processing and maintenance of accounts payable transactions.


Gather, review and verify invoices and check requests

flag and explain some unusual or questionable invoice things or costs

type, code and match statements

setup invoices up for payment

input and upload statements into strategy

track expenditures and process cost reports

prepare and process digital transfers and obligations

prepare and execute check runs

post transactions to journals, ledgers and other documents

reconcile accounts payable transactions

prepare investigation of balances

track accounts to guarantee payments are up so far

study and resolve invoice discrepancies and problems

maintain vendor documents

correspond to sellers and respond to queries

create monthly reports

Help with month end closing

provide supporting documentation for Tests

maintain precise historical records

claim confidentiality of organizational info

Education and Expertise


Understanding of accounts payable

understanding of general accounting processes

comprehension of applicable accounting applications (like Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks)

proficient in data entry and direction

1-3 years accounts payable or general bookkeeping expertise

Coordinating and assigning

focus on detail and precision



communication abilities

seller relationship abilities

data management abilities

problem analysis and problem-solving abilities

team function

professional ethics

capability to meet deadlines


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Processing accounts and incoming payments according to fiscal policies and processes

Performing day to day financial transactions, such as checking, classifying, and recording accounts payable info

Collecting bills, invoices and bank deposits

Job short


We're searching for a skilled Accounts Payable Clerk to be responsible for processing all invoices received for payment and also for job the payment of creditors in an accurate, timely and efficient way.




Procedure incoming payments in accordance with fiscal policies and processes

Perform day to day financial transactions, such as checking, classifying, and recording accounts receivable information

Reconcile the accounts payable ledger to make certain that all invoices and obligations are accounted for and properly submitted.

Confirm and research discrepancies, if any, by reconciling vendor reports and monthly vendor statements

Facilitate payment of bills due by sending invoice reminders and calling clients

Create reports detailing accounts payables standing

Understand cost accounts and cost centers

Understands compliance problems around accounts receivable procedures (W-9, sales tax, etc.. )



We're currently choosing an Accounts Payable Accountant who will be responsible for processing all invoices received for payment and also for job the payment of creditors in an accurate, timely and efficient way.


Main Duties of Accounts Payable Accountant

Your duties will include:


Supporting external and internal audit requirements


Resolving all of payables related problems with external and internal stakeholders


Maintaining accounting ledgers and helping in monthly closing


Working with different stakeholders to Increase AP procedure, controls & evaluation


Crucial Requirements

You have a diploma/degree in Accounting, in addition to previous experience in a similar function.


It is possible to operate independently at a fast-paced atmosphere.


You're organized and have a high attention to detail.


You have excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

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