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Best Accounts Assistant Job Description Template

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-06-01 10:01:47
Best Accounts Assistant Job Description Template

Accounting Assistants encourage the Accounting department by performing clerical tasks, such as processing and recording transactions, preparing budgets and reports, fielding communications with customers and vendors, fact-checking, filing, and other duties, as necessary.


The part of Accounts Assistant is a fund team support function. They are responsible for assisting an account team or one accountant by accountable for tasks such as reporting, ledger maintenance, management and accounts reconciliation.

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The principal responsibility of an Accounts Assistant will be to support the fund manager with company bookkeeping activities. Including increasing, paying and sending bills, reconciling business accounts and chasing overdue payments.


They also help with basic management tasks and ought to be available to answer any questions raised by employees or outside customers or suppliers. They'll be expected to assist document and take care of the company' finance processes, upgrading and executing them wherever required.

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Daily activities include:


Invoice processing

Processing cost requests

Credit management

Money book upkeep

Keeping up the company purchase and sales ledgers

Banks reconciliation

Raising sales invoices

Liaising with third party suppliers, customers and providers

Fundamental government

Updating and maintaining procedural documentation

Accounts Assistant job qualifications, abilities and expertise


To begin a career as a Accounts Assistant, professionals should have a diploma in one of the following topics:


Employers will be looking for 12 months' past experience as a portion of an account or credit management team. They'll also search for expertise with Microsoft applications packages (Word, Excel etc.) and proof that CIMA or ACCA research are underway.


The next soft skills can also be beneficial for this function:


High Degree of precision

Analytical abilities

Outstanding communication abilities


We're looking for a motivated Accounting Assistant who's a superb multitasker with excellent communication and time management abilities. Accounting Assistants may expect to help the Accounting department with data entry, processing, and documenting transactions, upgrading the ledger, helping with audits or fact-checking, and preparing reports and budgets. You ought to be detailed, accurate, and fair with good accounting skills.

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To be a prosperous Accounting Assistant, you need to get an comprehension of basic Accounting fundamentals and competence with computers and applications, such as MS Excel or Quickbooks. You ought to be reliable, efficient, and coordinated.


Managing communications with customers and vendors via telephone, email, and in-person.

Processing trades, issuing checks, and upgrading ledgers, budgets, etc..

Preparing reports.

Assisting with audits, reality tests, and resolving disagreements.

Accounting Assistant Prerequisites:

Associate's degree in related discipline with work experience.

More schooling, expertise, or additional certificates and permits could be required.

Proficiency with computers and accounting applications, strong typing skills.

Outstanding time management and verbal and written communication abilities.

Familiarity with fundamental accounting fundamentals.

Professional fashion and also a strong ethical code.

Ability to multitask and stay inspired and positive.

Commitment to working effectively and correctly.


Article upgraded on March 2021 -- Main thing concerning an account assistant job description is you will work within a organisation's Accounting section. The job involves helping accounting officials/senior direction from the maintenance, management and reporting of their organization's finances.


You'll be requested to provide administrative assistance and might also counsel senior Accountants in connection to the organization's overall accounting procedure. In all probability, you'll be working beneath a Senior Accountant or somebody at a similar position of authority within the firm.


You will undertake tasks like filing, typing, basic accounting, managing mail and making telephone calls. Other common duties include:


Direction of petty cash transactions.

Assessing all payments sums & documents are true.

As Soon as You get some experience, You Might Be given more Complicated jobs such as:

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Planning and funding management.

Assisting qualified team with audits.

Function Environment & Program for Accounts Assistants


Broadly , you'll work traditional 9-5 weekday office hours. The work occurs within an office environment with the majority of your day spent in a computer.


Self-employment is significantly within the livelihood and travelling through a work day is potential should you choose to work on an independent basis. Additionally, there are part-time positions available within firms and you're able to work on a temporary or permanent contract.


It is likely to acquire bookkeeping tasks within an Accounts Assistant without a particular set of qualifications. That is because a variety of firms deliver on-the-job coaching.


On the other hand, the rising number of students applying for these tasks means the pub is normally set higher. A diploma in Accounting, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics or Finance would substantially boost your odds of finding the role whilst at the same time allowing for possibly faster career development.


Otherwise, you must have basic bookkeeping skills, knowledge of low-level accountancy and expertise in office-based pc systems.


Accounts Assistant Career Course


If you're really intent on progressing in your career, then you ought to look to obtain a professional qualification with a respectable organisation like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, (CIMA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Ireland or The Chartered Accountants Ireland.


You have the choice of working for a vast selection of customers within various sectors of finance, business and trade. Examples of Possible employers include:


Insurance Businesses.

Retail Businesses.

Concerning career development, as soon as you become a professional Accountant, then it is likely to target high positions like Auditor, Finance Controller, Tax Analyst or Director of Finance Divisions.


In accordance with Payscale, for 2021 the normal salary for an account assistant in Ireland is $30,086 each year.


Your yearly salary will be based on the character of your contract. As an instance, in case you've got a permanent contract you may expect to make $24,000-$28,000 per annum for a graduate.


These are Dublin salaries; you'll probably get $4,000-$5,000 less a year in several places outside Dublin.


Reconciling bills and identifying postings

Building and upgrading cost reports

Processing settlement kinds

Job short


We're searching for an Accounting Assistant to carry out daily accounting tasks which can support our financial staff.


In case you have an accounting degree and are interested in gaining expertise in accounting procedures, we want to meet with you.


In the end, you can assist our Accounting department operate smoothly, ensuring efficiency and transparency in most trades.

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Reconcile invoices and identify discrepancies

Make and upgrade expenditure reports

Procedure reimbursement forms

Prepare bank deposits

Input monetary transactions into internal databases

Assess spreadsheets for precision

Keep digital and physical fiscal documents

Issue invoices for clients and external partners, as desired

Inspection and document citizenship documents

Participate in quarterly and Yearly audits



Work experience as an Accounting Assistant or Accounting Clerk

Knowledge of basic accounting processes

Familiarity with fund regulations

Great math skills and the ability to identify numerical mistakes

Hands-on expertise with MS Excel and accounting applications (e.g. QuickBooks)

Organization abilities

Ability to handle sensitive, confidential data

BSc/Ba in Accounting, Finance or applicable area

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