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Basement Waterproofing - How To Permanently Waterproof A Basement

Author : ahmadali
Publish Date : 2021-03-08 17:33:36
Basement Waterproofing - How To Permanently Waterproof A Basement

Inappropriate basement waterproofing may lead to severe issues and problems. If you are not constructing the waterproof basement, it may cause leakage and shrinkage. In the case of these issues, you need to resolve or address them on time. Over time, you need to pay more cost than earlier detection and solution. Make your basement waterproof by considering the following points:

  • Apply The Right Product On The Basement Walls:

Basement walls are the main sources to predict the inner issues. To find out the real issue, you need to dig out all the soil around the grounded wall. Once you have done digging, apply the right sealing or coating product on the wall. With appropriate sealant, you will keep the basement wall free from moisture and cracks for a long time. 

The waterproofing basement walls from inside can be done by putting the stones, installing drainage tiles and other waterproof material near the grounded area. Moreover, make your yard wall free from water by installing a professional and mechanical drainage system. 

  • Identify and diagnose the cracks:

To save your grounded and outer walls from water, you need to do the timely identification and diagnosis of cracks. Cracks are the main reasons to lead to bulge and leakage issues. Therefore, identify them as soon as possible. 

If you have found the cracks, even the hairline, treat them with an appropriate sealant for waterproofing basement walls from outside and inside. For this, you can use organic cement to fill all the leakage lines and cracks on the walls. Cement will help to fill the cracks and minimize the leakage possibilities. 

  • Apply Waterproof Sealant:

Keep the walls and grounded area free from the water with waterproof sealant or membrane. For this, you can spray the polyurethane material on the walls after sealing. It will provide resistance to the wall against water and moisture for a long time. One more thing, you can remove the sealant and membrane whenever you would like to do. 

  • Install Mechanically Approved Drainage Tiles:

While installing the drainage tiles and mats, install them from a distance to the grounded wall. So, the moisture and water can surpass the surface without any resistance. For this, measure the drainage tiles width according to the depth of the basement wall. Moreover, it will be easier for you to move out these tiles at the time of maintenance. 

  • Apply Waterproof Paint:

Use acrylic paints for the outer coating of the basement walls. This type of paint involves waterproof ingredients or containments. It looks like normal paint. You can apply it on the walls with a brush, roller or sprayer like ordinary paints. However, try to paint it on the walls with thick coatings. 

Acrylic paints may cost you more than normal paints. But the prevention cost is not more than the restoration cost. Therefore, consider this safe option to make your walls waterproof. 

  • Protection Of Basement Interior:

If you have installed a professional drainage system to get the best basement waterproofing facilities, use polythene sheets to cover the basement interior. No doubt, these sheets will not safe the basement walls from moisture and water damage during rain. But they may save the basement items from debasement. Water from drainage walls will run down on these sheets and move while water cleaning. 

So, it’s up to you to cover the waterproofing basement walls with these sheets or not. 

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t use the plastic material instead of epoxy injections and cement installation to resolve crack issues.
  • Don’t embellish the basement walls with limestones and other expensive tiles. The tiles will not let the rainwater drain outside the walls. 
  • Exterior waterproofing is necessary just like interior basement waterproofing
  • Cement and concrete gravelling are the best option to consider for basement walls. 
  • Prefer consulting with a professional in the case of bulges than treating them yourself

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