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Assemble PDF Files

Author : boyd
Publish Date : 2021-02-26 05:21:20
Assemble PDF Files

You must have known how to open or view a PDF file that simply uses a free Adobe PDF reader to do so. PDF is an open standard and universal file format for sharing electronic documents. It sweeps the technological barriers off while transmitting across the web.

However, have you ever stuck with the scenarios that you want to assemble files but the pages can't be deleted or added directly? That is because when a PDF file has been created, multiple pages of the file as if has been encapsulated in a capsule.

Thus, assemble PDF pages are not easily achieved like other printable formats. More and more questions asked about how to assemble PDF as following:

How do I assemble PDF into one for emailing purposes?
I converted my resume to PDF format but it saved each page in individual file. And I want to email it as only one attachment rather than three separate files, is that possible? Thanks.

Sometimes you need to optimize PDF files for distribution or repurpose them for your own use or collect them for better management and archiving--All about assemble PDF can be done with a professional PDF Merger.

How to assemble PDF pages with PDF Merger?

The very first thing you have to do is to download and install PDF Merger then launch it to get the main interface.

First step: Click "Add Files" to import your files to be assembled, the status of the files will show you alongside. You can also change the order of files in the list by "Up", "Down" buttons and "Remove" or "Clear" buttons to delete unwanted files.

Second step: Choose a file in the list or double clicks it to get the "Merge Method" box.
Then you can customize a merge rule by specify:
Page range-All, Odd, Even, Part (e.g.1, 7, 9-15)
Page sort-Sequence or reverse
Assemble files alternately



That is to say, the PDF Merger allows you to merge files in multiple ways that can be concluded as below:

• Assemble PDF pages from different PDF files into one- It allows you to extract the desired pages of multiple PDF files to create a new PDF file.
• Merge valuable parts of one big PDF file- You can keep the wanted pages from a multi-page file for you own use.
•Alternately combine files - assemble them alternatively or divide them into several parts by every (n) page then mix them alternatively.
For example, if you have the odd and even pages stored in two separate PDF files, you can use this merge method to assemble them back to original one.

Third Step: Define Output setting- choose a file name pattern and a saving place for the new assembled file by clicking "Browse" button.

Final Step: After all the necessary settings done, click "Merge" button to start assembling. In a while, you will get the merged file.

Have you cleared about how to assemble PDF files now? Use the PDF Merge can save your time and labor. The intuitive interface and all possible merge methods are designed to facilitate you to manage PDF files and stop them clutter across the drive.

Actually you can alternatively use PDF creator to achieve it, the detailed tutorial is in my related article-combine files into one

Some salient features about PDF Merger:

It can merge encrypted files- it will remove the restriction for assembly and process as per your requirements. Or you offer the open password then it will assemble them instantly.

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