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Abu Dhabi launches car driver safety campaigns?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-13 07:20:00
Abu Dhabi launches car driver safety campaigns?

Abu Dhabi has launched a third annual car safety campaign to promote safe driving among port users.

The campaign throughout the week entitled "Beware and driving with Care" was held at Port Khalifa from April 24 to 26, and on the Zayed Port on April 27 and April 28, will provide on demand personal driver service in Abu Dhabi  to around 2,000 people who are regularly driving in the port.

"This drive awareness is one of the most important events in the Abu Dhabi port calendar because it has made a positive impact on road traffic safety standards in our port. This is part of our proactive approach to ensure everyone's security uses us. Port services," said Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Port.

"Complicated settings and great resources available for this campaign highlight our belief that awareness is the key to safety, which is our top priority," he added.

"With more than a thousand cars and cars enter the terminal every day, the Abu Dhabi terminal has a strong commitment to keep the road safe and grow a safe driving culture," Martijn van de Linde, CEO, Abu Dhabi Terminals.

Campaign - held in partnership with Borouge, Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT), and Grand Mills - supported by the Police Abu Dhabi, Emirates Traffic Safety Society, Emirates Driving Company, National Security Institute, Department of Transport (DOT), Medeor, Hospital Life Line (LLH) and Dulsco.

Martijn Van de Linde, the CEO of Abu Dhabi Terminal, added, "With more than a thousand cars and cars enter every day, the Abu Dhabi terminal has a strong commitment to keep the road safe. We are proud to join forces with our strategic partners To increase awareness about this important problem. "

Police Abu Dhabi and EDC provide a safe presentation of driving in English, Urdu, Pashtu and Arabic, while free car safety inspections will be offered by the EDC and Abu Dhabi ports saving service in Port Khalifa.

He also asked motorists to check the burden tires can uphold and the year of manufacture. Tires must be suitable for long trips in case of many road trips.


He shows the most prominent cause that leads to traffic accidents during the summer, including expiration of tires, less or increased air pressure on tires, excess and often used by covering remotely.


Police Abu Dhabi will apply awareness campaign through the social media platform and various media outlets, "safe summer traffic campaigns", as part of a pre-awareness plan to improve road traffic safety and prevent accidents that occur during the summer due to tire explosions ,


The police will also send messages and e-mail to government institutions and spread road traffic messages through social media sites.



Also under the campaign, the Trailer Training Training Safety SafetySafetySafety National (NSI) will offer emergency safety and preparedness guidelines. Borouge and Abu Dhabi terminals will provide tips on forklift security.

Check it :


Purchasing true tires and realizing how to peruse the subtleties referenced on the sidewall of the tire is the way to voyaging more secure.


Regard the wear-wear marker (TWI) which is set apart on the sidewall as a triangle logo or tire brand or twi sign. This shows the stage when you need to replace the tire. Utilizing tires outside the TWI will imperil security.


•             Change your tire on the off chance that you see harm this way


•             Credit picture: gave


•             Tips for keeping your vehicle tires in great condition


•             Increase your tires like clockwork since they will in general lose tension on themselves in any event, when not being used.


•             When you check the pressing factor, additionally check objects implanted in the site, like stone or glass


•             Check lopsided wear, which can show issues with vehicle arrangement or suspension


•             Avoid driving at lower pressure


•             Change tires no later than five years, or previously if the remainder of the track profundity beneath 1.6mm


•             Use just driving marked and affirmed tires


•             Use the right kind and measurements of the tire for your vehicle


•             Tires should be played each 10,000 km or as recommended by vehicle makers, even wear


•             Avoid driving above or close to risky items

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