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A Guide to Match Your Handbag With Your Clothes

Author : sophiajones23
Publish Date : 2021-03-31 12:02:10
A Guide to Match Your Handbag With Your Clothes

How many of us reading this blog match their bags with their outfit and shoes? Doesn’t’ it sound like too much effort? Well, it’s not. The Hollywood divas when spotted in public not only grab attention for their unique silhouettes but also for the accessories they carry, especially their handbags. 

One may think they need plenty of handbags in their collection to match all their outfits. But, this is simply not the case, you only need a few show-stopping women’s handbags that are versatile and can be used with different outfits on different occasions. Having a perfectly blended look with a complementing handbag can make you feel confident and ready to take over anything. The question is, from where and how to choose the perfect handbag? 

All you need to do is browse through the website of the best online boutiques in the USA to find a wide range of handbag collection to choose from for every mood and occasion.

Below are a few of our awesome tips on how to choose a perfect handbag to create a show-stopping look.

Consider the occasion - 

Whether you are out shopping, attending a wedding, going to the movies, out on a date or at work you need a different style of handbag for every occasion. There is a simple rule to follow: if you are meaning to look polished, sharp and sophisticated, go for a small bag. 

Aiming for a laid-back look for shopping or the movies, you are free to carry your tote and large bags. However, this thumb rule can be amended in certain situations. Let us look further in detail:

  • Shopping Spree

The best handbag to use on your shopping days are backpacks or totes available in different styles. This goes very well with jeans or shorts when paired with a basic t-shirt.

  • Dressing for summer

The summer season is known for its flowing dresses paired with flip-flops or sandals. What type of bag would suit this dressing style? Crossbody bags are your best bet here. They allow the dress to have its moment and not steal all the attention. They are perfect to pair with flowing dresses.

  • Formal or Office wear

There are two options if one dresses up like a boss-lady in pantsuits than opting for a large structured boxy bag and/or a satchel bag is the best option. The key point to note here is to choose a style that gives enough room for a notebook and laptop to fit in. The satchel bags are known to compliment well with skirts and cardigans as well.

  • Wedding or cocktail events

Have a special wedding or cocktail event to attend? Get your fancy embellished and embroidered clutches out of your wardrobe. This is not the time to carry a shoulder bag. Miniature bags are another good option for dressy events. If the dress is plain, a metallic clutch is your way to go. But, if the dress comes with heavy detailing, a plain clutch will do the job. 

Your Body Shape:

We all know how to dress ourselves depending on our body type. Do we know which handbags to choose based on our body structure? Handbags for women also can counterbalance your curves or add them, whichever you need. 

  • Pear-shaped body type - Do you carry most of your weight on your hips? Avoid any bag that falls on your hips. This will do nothing but add more attention and weight where you do not want it to. For this, the best option is to go with a waist-length handbag. This will grab attention to your slim waist and make you look very-well in shape. 

  • Busty figure - If you have a heavy bust, make sure to avoid saddlebags. What these do is accentuate your cleavage and make your bust appear bigger than they are. Online boutiques offer a range of shoulder bags that are best for heavy busted women. 

  • A curvaceous physique - Are you blessed with a curvy physique? If yes, long, slim bags are made for your body type. If you are petite and curvy, a long bag will make you appear slim and taller. On the contrary, if you are tall and curvy, a low-hanging one deserves a try. 

  • A petite figure - For women with a petite figure, no one wants a bag that will eat you up. Avoid handbags that have long handles and fringes that can overpower your look. Keep it simple with a crossbody bag to amp up your look. 

  • Tall and Slim - What to carry when you are tall and slim. Do the complete opposite with the bag. Rounded and oversized bags are your best pick. This will counterbalance your physique.

  • Some extra pounds - Plus-size ladies should carry medium-sized bags to balance it well with their body shape.

Material and Color of the handbag:

This is the tricky part when it comes to choosing a bag that suits an outfit. The question is how much matching is too much matching? No one wants to have their dress, shoes and bag of the same fabric. The answer is to match with clash. The next part will show you how to do that. 

  • Vary the color - When choosing a bag to match your outfit and shoes, make it a point to choose a slightly different color. If you are wearing a red dress, decide to go a shade lighter or darker for your shoes and handbag. In this way, your reds won’t clash with one another. 

  • Choose a different fabric - If you are wearing a leather dress, opt for a different fabric handbag. This will give your attire a dimension and not make it look like you have made a bag using the same material.

  • Mixed patterns - It is a great idea to mix your patterns to create a statement outfit. The best online boutiques leopard print bag is a great one to pair with striped shirts and dresses. 

A quick tip which when not followed may cause a fashion disaster. Always, I repeat to match the hardware of the handbag with that of the dress and shoes. You do not want to wear a shoe with a silver or copper buckle and a handbag with golden zips and a handle. The fashion police will come after you. 

Parting Words:

To conclude, a pro tip to match the handbag and outfit is to not match it to an extent that it clashes with the colors and patterns and looks monochrome and boring. If wearing a heavily printed dress, opting for a monochromatic bag can balance the look and vice versa. 

Bearing in mind your body shape is another key take away from this read. So ladies are we ready to pick a handbag that adds oomph to our entire look? Simply head to the best online boutiques to find your match.

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