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Publish Date : 2021-02-08 10:24:12

We are living in a world where the appearance of the packaging matters the most for the customers, even more than the product itself. With modern printing technologies and methods, businesses are deriving more innovative ideas to enhance the exterior of their packaging. This is because the manufacturers know well that only beautiful packaging can make them stand out in the marketplace and boost their sales up. There are various ideas to make your custom printed cardboard box more attractive and appealing. Here are some of the ways to increase the visual appeal of this box to grab the attention of a larger audience.


No doubt, the information regarding your product and brand must go on the cardboard boxes to make an influence on the purchasing habits of the customers. However, the way you present this information matters the most. This is because the customers like to buy from the brands, which present the information elegantly and conveniently. Therefore, for leaving a memorable impression on the buyers with your packaging, you must pay heed to the typography.

In typography, two main things should be done right, i.e., font size and font style. At first, it is important to choose an appropriate size based on your target audience. It must be such that it makes the printed text easy on the eyes of the buyers for reading. Identically, the human eyes easily recognize the letter characters, which are a combination of the upper and lower case. So, choose the font style that does not hinder the readability of the printed text on the packaging.


Colors are essential for the packaging design and have the ability to transform the entire look of your cheap custom boxes. It requires a great head to choose the appropriate colors for your boxes. Most of the brands seem to be a hassle when it comes to the selection of appropriate colors.

While selecting the appropriate color themes, you should keep one thing in your mind that there is a huge variety of different colors, but you cannot incorporate all of them in your box design. Choose the one which seems appropriate to your brand, i.e., which matches the original parent theme of your brand. Likewise, the colors should be such that they reveal the identity of the products inside. Other than that, the target audience should be kept in mind as well while selecting the colors to be influential in their buying behaviour.


Given the fact that the buyers are highly impressed with the graphics and illustration, incorporating them into your packaging idea is a great idea. Adding the high-resolution pictures of products packed inside can increase the tempt of the customers more for buying your items. The usage of intricate patterns such as polka dots or blots is good for enhancing the visual appeal of your cardboard packages. For appealing artwork, you can use digital printing or screen-printing. Both these printing methods are best as they produce efficient and bright images and increase the visibility of the printed stuff more. Embossing, which is an art of raised inks on the packaging, is also a good choice in this aspect. When different symbols, logos, and prints are embossed on your cardboard packages, it will make your product look expensive and luxurious.


One of the most effective ideas to enhance the visual elegance of your custom printed cardboard packages is to customize them, keeping in view the theme of various types of events. Every year, there are events for which you can customize these boxes to boost the value of your product. For instance, imprinting the names of the bride and groom on the event of weddings is a good idea. While sending gifts to someone whom you care and love, you can print a special message to display your love and feelings. While customizing these packages, do not restrict yourself to the printing only. This is because you can impress the clients with attractive shapes and designs as well.


Over the past years, mobile searches asking where to buy cardboard boxes have soared up. The suppliers that offer die-cut options are the best choice in this regard. Die-cutting your box to induce a window is one of the most effective ideas to make your custom printed cardboard packages look captivating. While buying the products, the customers are always in search of the ones, which look, different and unique from others. With the market filled with the same products, the only way to create a difference is through packaging. So, add a window on the top or any side of your box to give a highlight or sneak peek into the inside items. This technique will instantly increase the visual appearance of your items, which will then push the shoppers into buying from you.


To provide your custom printed cardboard packages with a well-deserved glamour, foil stamping is an excellent option. In this process, heated dies are used for applying the foils to your packaging. The foil can be of any color, but the most widely used one is gold as it enhances the persona and beauty of the exterior of the box. You can also go for silver foiling as it also imparts a more premium and luxurious look, which then captures the heed of the customers instantaneously. Besides, metal foiling can also turn an ordinary-looking box into an alluring packaging by adding a touch of class.

Custom printed cardboard boxes can easily be made more captivating by designing them in various unique ways. Using the correct type of typography and color schemes will attract customers even from a far distance to have a look at what you are offering. Furthermore, adding a foil and a die-cut window are also good to enhance the outer appearance of your box.

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