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5 driving tips to be safe on UAE roads

Author : litaann
Publish Date : 2021-04-13 07:17:06
5 driving tips to be safe on UAE roads


Driving around the UAE can be a nightmare! No wonder the area has one of the highest road mortality rates in the Middle East. Many drivers lack attention out there that don't mind cutting ahead, change the path without showing, and just driving in general. So, how can you act responsibly and remain safe in a chaotic road condition like that? Safe driver Abu Dhabi experts have several pointers helping you here. Look.



Take care of your distance: Make sure you maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. This will give you a lot of time for emergency stops if something unexpected happens. Always follow the rules of 3 seconds, people!


Be within your limits: With all the supercars we have here in Abu Dhabi, according to the speed limit can be a sufficient task. Now you might be one of the responsible drivers who hold on to the limit but that doesn't mean that all the other drivers out there are the same. If other drivers don't drive responsibly and want to catch up with you, let them.


Look around: we all know that turning on the headlights at night is an important part of responsible driving but not all drivers are careful. So make sure you are not one of the drivers who do not understand and beware of other cars that may not follow the rules. Before changing the path or turn, become alert and constantly look around you. Speed ​​up at night? Make sure the road in front of you is clear and wary of the speed of speeding.


Keep in line: In the UAE, you will violate the rules if you try to overtake another vehicle on a single-lane road. So be a good driver, follow traffic and stay in your own path to avoid unnecessary violations. There will always be those who violate the rules so be prepared by checking blind spots and your side mirrors every time you change the path or turn into the exit. And be careful about the drivers who drove past you on a hard shoulder!


Avoid sudden shifts:

Traveling at Sheikh Zayed Road we all see the drivers in and out of the track and confuse other drivers. Didn't we all just hate that? Try to avoid changing unnecessary paths and stay in the right lane on the highway. Switch the path only if you need to overtake or turn it out and give the right indication before. Don't be one of the drivers who switch suddenly!

•             Skilled


Quite possibly the main characteristic of a decent driver is that he should be adequately gifted to deal with any circumstance out and about. A decent driver should have the right stuff to control the vehicle in each circumstance. Drivers at Safe drivers UAE's best driving administrations got the possibility to make it to the expert level.


•             Knowledge


Abilities are by all accounts not the only quality that is possessed by a decent driver. He should likewise have the privilege and complete information on all street rules required. A decent driver likewise knows about his vehicle.


•             Self-discipline


It's not difficult to encourage others to drive as per the principles yet being in self-control while driving is extraordinary compared to other qualities from a decent driver. Possibly crossing the red light makes you look cool for quite a while yet besides put your life in harm's way while out and about.


•             Patience


Each time you are out and about, it is anything but an opposition that will return home or work first, since everybody has an alternate reason. Subsequently, being a patient is the best quality and fundamental from a decent driver.




Not every person is a decent driver like you, there are numerous individuals out and about that dislike you. Along these lines, being a decent driver, you should truly caution constantly making progress toward security yourself and individuals like you.


•             Mechanical abilities


All things considered, dislike an expert mechanical yet a decent driver should know the fundamental mechanical abilities with the goal that when the need emerges, he can take care of the essential issue of his vehicle.


             To be mindful


Perhaps the main characteristic of a decent driver is he is dependable. You won't generally travel alone in the vehicle. Thusly, it is vital to assume liability and deal with individuals going with you.

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