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5 Advantages of Getting Custom E-Liquid Boxes Made Of Cardboard

Author : FastCustomBoxes
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 10:31:48
5 Advantages of Getting Custom E-Liquid Boxes Made Of Cardboard

In today's technical world, there are a lot of modifications in the field of custom boxes. We use this packaging for a variety of purposes, including shipping, gift wrapping, and handling. Eco-Friendly Custom E-Liquid Boxes are one of the most common packaging options for your E-liquid brand. The advantages of these custom printed e-liquid boxes made up of cardboard are below:

  • Extremely long-lasting

  • Very adaptable

  • Highest Quality Printing

  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Environmental Friendliness

However, the most significant advantage of E-liquid packets is their environmental friendliness, which makes them appealing to large corporations. 

Fast Custom Boxes creates environmentally friendly packaging for your E-liquid bottles.

Furthermore, any style or template you need. You will get e-liquid boxes that are perfectly made to your specifications.

In this blog, we'll go over all of the big environmental and other advantages of buying custom e-liquid boxes. So you can grow your brand.


1) 5 Times Reprocess

These specially printed e-liquid boxes are much more durable than conventional boxes. 

The extra strength provided by the cardboard used to build these customized e-liquid boxes allows them to withstand all types of physical changes. 

  • This improved consistency extends the life of your custom printed e-liquid boxes.

  • We will use these custom e-liquid boxes for an average of 7 months.

  • After that time, we can quickly reprocess these e-liquid boxes and return them to their original raw materials.

  • This equilibrium reprocessing can be repeated five times in a row.

  • An ordinary E-liquid box could be used for up to 3.5 years in this respect.

In other words, we will protect our planet from deadly toxins for 3.5 years. It's a big step toward great ecological success.


2) Uncomplicated Disposal

Companies created old boxes of difficult-to-dispose-of materials. 

When such E-liquid boxes are discarded, they release a large number of contaminants into the atmosphere. 

Common plastics used in old crates, for example, take thousands of years to decompose. 

These compounds are responsible for contaminating our environment ten times more than it does now over the next 1000 years.

 As a result, the best packaging option is specially printed e-liquid boxes wholesale consisting of Kraft or Corrugated materials.

These customized e-liquid boxes decompose in nature in just 1 day and do not pollute soil, water, or air.


3) Safe Manufacturing Process

These green custom e-liquid boxes are well-known for being effective E-liquid bottle wrapping boxes. The biodegradable raw material used to make e-liquid boxes wholesale is used in their manufacturing.

  • We primarily obtain the raw material from wood pulp.

  • After extraction, the pulp is put into bleaching, compressor, and dryer devices.

  • The equipment used to make custom printed e-liquid boxes does so without contaminating the environment in any way.

So, if we want future generations to be free of environmental issues, we do not ignore these cardboard customized e-liquid boxes.


4) Unrivaled In Terms of Quality

E-liquid boxes wholesale that are environmentally safe have a high level of durability. 

Since they can withstand all types of adverse weather conditions, including moisture, humidity, and even vibrations. 

Kraft and cardboard are the most popular and well-known raw materials that can survive harsh environments.

  • Moreover, these specially printed custom e-liquid boxes can have custom inserts, giving them incredible endurance and power.

  • They're great for shipping and sealing your fragile bottles.

  • These E-liquid Boxes protect the bottle's quality and prevent degradation before and before delivery.

This is why cardboard Boxes have been so dominant in our daily lives.


5) Save Natural Resources and Money

To make the packaging boards, old readymade E-liquid boxes need fuel to heat and evenly spread their constituents.

  • However, these custom printed e-liquid boxes are made of natural pulp, which needs water to soak.

  • As a result, lower fuel consumption equates to lower packaging costs.

Low-Cost Transportation

  • Additionally, these customized e-liquid boxes are lightweight. 

  • So, you'll be able to ship more wholesale custom e-liquid boxes at once, saving you money. 

  • Its low weight also reduces fuel consumption when delivering on vehicles.



Custom E-liquid boxes are environmentally safe are a step up from the old wholesale packaging boxes. 

All of the major companies are now using these fantastic custom boxes to pack their E-Liquids. 

You can not only make these E-liquid boxes wholesale more appealing and attractive for your bottles, but you can also protect the environment to the greatest extent possible. 

Fast Custom Boxes has a mission to save our planet from the 1/3rd of waste caused solely by toxic packaging materials. 

We also provide you with the right custom printed boxes. So that you can present yourself as a responsible E-Liquid company in the industry.

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